TRITION Ltd is activated in water and fireside treatment since year 2001. It is based in Athens and operates throughout Greece, promoting industrial chemicals and technical support.

Collaborates with recognized foreign companies.

Supports with chemicals, many fields of industry.

  • Boiler water treatment
  • cooling water treatment
  • reverse osmosis treatment
  • waste water treatment
  • fireside treatment
  • chemical cleaning


  • Excellent trained Technical Section with long-standing experience in water and fireside treatment.
  • Fully equipped Laboratory, for the performance of water chemical analyses.
  • Flexibility in chemicals selection for every water quality and every systems of industrial production.
  • Well organized Logistics aiming at immediate customers’ service.

Trition Ltd is aiming at the prevention of problems, created by water circulation, in the production process, the maintenance of equipment’s quality and at reduced cost of systems preservation.  This is achieved through recurrent follow-up of every system and proper intervention with certain instructions and proposals, whenever a problem, that affects the system’s normal function, emerges.

RO TreatmentChemical cleaningFireside treatmentBoiler water treatmentCooling water treatmentWaste water treatment